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Travel Insurance

Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers Ltd. are located in Regina, Saskatchewan and provide a variety of insurance options for all of life’s circumstances. If you are a seasoned traveller, or just heading out on your first trip, travel insurance should be a very important part of your plan.

Travel Insurance

Why do I need travel insurance ?

  • Hospital fees in other countries are much higher, and in the unfortunate event you require hospitalization while you’re away you could be looking at bills of thousands of dollars. The cost of travel insurance far outweighs the risk of not having adequate coverage in the face of illness or accident.
  • Travel insurance can also cover the cost of getting you back home quicker if an insured loss occurs. Additional options exist within the travel insurance we provide that can a variety of situations, rental car insurance, personal liability, cancelled/missed flights, etc.

Do I need travel insurance if I’m travelling within Canada only?

  • Yes, you should buy travel insurance for travel in Canada as each province differs in what their provincial out of resident policy/coverage includes.

Dusyk & Barlow have travel insurance options that can include:

  • Annual Travel Insurance supplementary plans

  • Annual multi-tip travel medical insurance

  • Individual medical trip travel insurance

  • Group plans including group sports plans for amateur sports

  • Medical coverage for Canadian citizens residing outside of Canada

  • Medical coverage travel Insurance for Canadian citizens returning to Canada and awaiting coverage under government health insurance

  • Medical coverage for International students studying in Canada

  • Medical coverage for non-resident visitors to Canada

  • Medical coverage for non-Canadian citizens residing outside of Canada while employed by a Canadian company

  • Various optional travel insurance plans such as coverage for accidental death, baggage, flight accident, rental car collision, and trip interruption

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We live and breathe insurance, and we want to make sure you have peace of mind knowing your home, business, and family are properly insured for all of life’s circumstances. Contact us to discuss your Regina insurance needs.