MTAS Member Liability Insurance Program

Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers Ltd. is proud to be the chosen insurance broker for the MTAS Liability insurance program.  We partner with LMI and Novex to provide a comprehensive policy with competitive pricing.

Please read the following, in full, before clicking on the Application Form as it contains important information that may affect your coverage.

Coverage Details

Coverage includes $5,000,000 of Commercial Liability coverage and $5,000,000 of Malpractice Liability coverage

Liability will extend to cover product sales not in excess of $25,000 annually.  The products sold must relate to a modality you are covered for, they cannot be self-manufactured, tampered with, nor relabeled. Products can only be sold to existing clients directly. There is NO coverage for selling products to public through online stores or retail stores.  If any sales are projected to be in excess of $25,000 or these other parameters aren’t met, please contact our office for alternative pricing and coverage.

The MTAS liability insurance program also includes $10,000 of contents coverage to cover items such as massage tables, office furniture, linens, laptops and stock for sale.  If additional contents coverage is required above $10,000, please contact us.  PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN THE VICINITY OF A FOREST FIRE AT TIME OF APPLICATION, CONTENTS COVERAGE AND BUSINESS INTERRUPTION COVERAGE MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU AS A NEW APPLICANT UNTIL SUCH FIRES ARE EXTINGUISHED.

In addition to the coverage details outlined above, please note that this INDIVIDUAL LIABILITY POLICY is designed to cover you as an individual practitioner for approved massage therapy operations only.  This policy will not extend to any business name and is not intended to cover your CLINIC if you are a CLINIC OWNER.  This policy will not extend to cover you, your CLINIC, your Employees, Sub-Contractors working for you, or your Business Partners if you are drawn into a lawsuit due to any of their actions.   This policy is not intended for a Commercial Office space you may be renting over 200 SQFT, or if you have more than $10,000 of contents. Coverage will also not extend for any practice outside of Canada.

The MTAS program insurer may not issue certificates to members engaging in these more elaborate business operations without proof of insurance coverage. If you are engaging in business operations such as these, or if you are engaged in other types of business, please contact our office to obtain a separate quote as this policy will not extend to operations outside of the scope of massage therapy.

Please note that you MUST advise both MTAS and Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers of any new modalities you become certified for and wish to add to the policy BEFORE you start practicing them.  It is required that certification for modalities be submitted to us either at time of application or, if already a member, before you start practicing any new modalities. Coverage cannot be put into place for any modalities not reported to both MTAS and Dusyk & Barlow.

Note that coverage is not bound until payment is confirmed as received by our office, we have confirmed coverage, and we get confirmation from MTAS that you have satisfied their requirements for membership.  Note that, once payment is received, our insurer may ask for additional information before they issue your certificate. We urge you to not begin practicing until these requirements have been met as you will not have insurance coverage. Once the certificate is issued, coverage will remain in effect as long as you remain a member in good standing with the MTAS.

Modality Reporting Details

Coverage is limited to active MTAS members who are practicing MTAS approved modalities.  It is important to note that both MTAS and the insurer must approve certifications before these modalities are added to your policy.

Please remember, a certificate of completion for any new MTAS approved modality you are practicing must be submitted to both MTAS and to Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers Ltd. at time of application or, if already a member, before you start practicing any new modalities.

Coverage cannot be put into place for any modalities not reported to both MTAS and Dusyk & Barlow. If there is a loss that results from a modality you have not applied and received approval for, the claim may be denied.  If you have not already done so, you are responsible to advise MTAS of any new modalities you are practicing that were not listed on your initial application for insurance.

If you are practicing Sports Massage, Certified Athletic Therapy or working on professional or semi-professional athletes using any other massage technique or modality, there are certain parameters for which the insurer requires practitioners to adhere to. These parameters are as follows:

  • RMTs work mostly with the major sports leagues such as CFL, NFL, NHL, etc…
  • A Medical Team is dedicated to the league
  • They travel with a team during the season.
  • The Team consists of a Doctor, Chiropractor, Osteopath, RMT
  • Most often but not always, the Dr. sees athletes with issues and decides which therapist with attend to them
  • RMTs only perform massage therapy
  • In most cases the Massage therapy is not performed daily but as assigned by the team Doctor. (this is not always the case for all teams)
  • No acupuncture is performed by RMTs (if Acupuncture is part of the RMT’s practice with the team they must be referred to Novex for underwriting)
  • Once season is over RMTs continue tend to their own clients

If these parameters aren’t being met, or there is a question on whether the service you are providing is considered Sports Massage or Certified Athletic Therapy please contact us for clarification.

New Application Form

Other Insurance and Additional Info:

Please note that we can also provide various other insurance options at competitive rates and coverage including home, tenant and condo insurance for members living in Alberta, BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan as well as auto insurance for residents of Alberta and Saskatchewan. For more information please contact us at or visit .

We also have an optional Accident Insurance program set up for members of the MTAS. This is a separate policy from the liability policy for which you have already applied.  The cost for this optional policy is in additional to the premium, listed earlier, for the mandatory liability policy. If you wish to obtain this Optional Accident Policy, please complete this form.