Modality Reporting Details

As always, coverage is limited to active CMMOTA members who are practicing CMMOTA approved modalities.  A list of approved modalities is included below. It is important to note that both CMMOTA and the insurer must approve certifications before these modalities are added to your policy.  For those practicing additional modalities not approved by CMMOTA, they CANNOT be insured under this policy.  Please contact our office if you are practicing such a modality, as we may be able to offer coverage under a separate policy.

Please remember, a certificate of completion for any new CMMOTA approved modality you are practicing must be submitted to CMMOTA.  If you have not already done so, you are responsible to advise CMMOTA of any new modalities you are practicing that were not listed on your initial application for insurance. CMMOTA will forward these on to our office for approval.  If there is a loss that results from a modality you have not applied and received approval for, the claim may be denied.


Premium and Payment Details

The basic yearly premium will increase to $108.00 for the 2021-2022 policy term.  (We will add applicable taxes if you are practicing in a Province that charges a tax on Insurance).  The basic policy will provide coverage for the approved modalities found at the bottom of this page, as long as both CMOOTA and the insurer approved your certifications to practice these modalities. Note that the bolded modalities indicated below are not included on your policy unless the corresponding surcharge is paid.

To ensure efficiency, Dusyk & Barlow Insurance requests that payment is made via on-line banking or online credit card payments.  

  • On-line banking payments can be made through your banking institution by choosing Dusyk & Barlow as the payee. 
  • You will need your 6 digit Dusyk & Barlow account number which will be contained in the invoice to be mailed to you.  You may already have this account # if you paid online last year. 
  • Online credit card payments can be made by clicking on the Moneris payment link below. 
  • If these payments are not an option for you, a cheque payment can be mailed to us.
Make a Payment

Other Details

If you have other policies with our office, including Accident, Auto, Home/Tenant/Condo or separate Commercial coverage, those policies will be invoiced separately.  If you are interested in coverage for any of these or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at  We look forward to another year of doing business together!