Home Insurance

Dusyk and Barlow Insurance Brokers Ltd. is constantly addressing the ever widening coverage needs of our clients in terms of their living space.  We offer products that provide coverage for all types of living accommodations including:

  • Homeowner’s insurance

  • Condominium owner’s insurance

  • Mobile homeowner’s insurance

  • Tenant/renter’s insurance

  • Rental and Vacant property insurance

  • Farm insurance

  • Seasonal Property insurance

  • Personal umbrella liability policies

  • Scheduled insurance on valuable property, including boats & motors, jewellery, and more

To help determine your contents value, please see our home inventory chart.

Dusyk and Barlow Insurance Brokers Ltd. is happy to deal with a wide range of insurers on these various products.   We have a long standing relationship with a number of Canadian property insurers including: